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The Contemplative Oasis

Today’s Daily Prompt is to describe my oasis, or where I go when things get to be too much.

The easy answer is to say I act like a teenager and slam my bedroom door shut to keep the dark cloud on the other side. Or maybe imagining my favorite place in the Smoky Mountains with a campfire and s’mores. All well and good, except neither of these things solves the problem I ran into the oasis for.

I am a practical person and like things done my way, for a simple explanation. I need an oasis when I feel like I have lost control of a situation and there’s nothing I can do. For me, my oasis is more a mindset than a physical place. It does me no good to go off daydreaming of what could be, when soon enough I know I’ll be slapped with the reality of the situation and nothing will have changed.

Whereas for most people their oasis is a temporary escape, my oasis is a place of thought, problem solving, and planning. Think about it. Usually when you need an oasis, some kind of problem or situation has you stressed to the max. Well thinking about something else doesn’t fix it. So in my oasis, I sit quietly and figure out how to approach it from a different direction and come up with a new solution. And when I leave the oasis with a solution, I re-enter a much calmer world.

For example, 2 weeks of trying to find and affordable wedding venue had me on the verge of tears and ready to fly off to Vegas. So I took some time (albeit in the middle of the work day) to clear my mind and rethink some things, refresh a plan, focus on the things I could control, etc.  Within a few hours, a wedding venue was booked and the stress was more than over, I returned to a happier world.

An oasis doesn’t have to be a physical place. It doesn’t even have to be a mental trip to a physical place. Afterall, if you leave your oasis with no problems solved or no change in situation, what have you really accomplished that won’t rear its ugly head in the future?

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