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Do Aliens have MRI Machines?

To make a long story short, I had an MRI of my brain this morning because of a cluster of migraines I had in September and October. It’s totally precautionary to rule out anything crazy, I’m positive the results are negative.

This was my very first MRI of any body part. I read all about it on the internet so I would be prepared. I work in a doctor’s office, so I’ll admit I hate when people say they read something on WebMD or Google. What I was NOT prepared for was exactly how tight a space it is. I had to keep my eyes closed because the ceiling of the cavity was so close. Fortunately I was given a set of headphones and I got to listen to headphones. Joy to the world.

Then to keep myself occupied, my imagination took off. And I thought, this must be what an alien abduction feels like. All this time, people claim to have been snatched up by extraterrestrials, shoved into a tube scanner, and poked with needles. And here I find out they’ve really just had an MRI with an injection of contrast material. Duh! And I could see how, if you’ve had a major accident and you’re a little fuzzy, the procedure would feel like an out of body experience. Everything is white. With headphones on you can see beings talk to you but can’t hear what they’re saying. I feel horribly deceived by the Sci-Fi movie industry and nutjobs from Roswell. Maybe the nutjobs really are nutjobs and that’s why they needed an MRI, and their nutjob brain mistook it for an alien abduction.

OR! The only remaining possibility is that aliens have MRI machines. Because if they’re interested in earthly humans as a foreign species, it totally makes sense that they would take brain scan images to study.

Just a thought.

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