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Who Died and Made You Gym Czar?!


Are you one of the many who resolved to eat healthy and exercise more in the new year? Me too! We’re so cliché, right?! I even bought brand new shoes and exercise gear, because if I spend money on it I have to do it. And I’ve been so enthusiastic and motivated, more than usual, which leads me to believe I’m finally making a life change. I’m using a 10k training app on my phone and so far I’ve realized I’m capable of doing more than I thought I could. My self-confidence and drive to keep my feet moving goes up every time I hit the walking/jogging path at my local park.

But apparently that’s where I need to stay. I’m apparently not welcome in the gym.

You see, several friends made somewhat obnoxious/disturbing/disappointing posts on Facebook about the gym being crowded after New Years. Crowded I can understand, that would annoy me too, but at least we’d all be there for a common goal: fitness. One person actually said, “Can’t wait to get the gym back after all the quitters leave a week after New Years.” This particular meathead I could have overlooked as an extremist, but I saw similar posts for a few days from multiple people of all fitness levels. They actually want us to quit. They want us to fail. All so they can have their gym back.

Thanks. All the fears I ever had about joining a gym have just been realized. I now know that they really are judging me. And they really don’t think I should be there. They automatically assume we’re not serious, that this is an empty resolution. I don’t believe for a second that half of the people saying those things didn’t start from the bottom and work their way up like myself and all the other people with hopeful New Years resolutions.

Will some of us quit after a week or two? Sure. Will some of us quit after a month or two? Probably. But don’t cast us ALL off as unmotivated or as people who just can’t hack it in the gym. We are the same as most of you were once: starting from the beginning.

For now, the world will be my playground, not confined to the four walls of  their gym. I won’t “get in their way.” And I will bask in my success and laugh in their face when I accomplish my goals with out their scrutiny.

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