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Brown Shoes, Black Pants

Last night, I was thinking about what I’m going to wear to work today. I have like, 5 pairs of pants to choose from. Khaki, Brown, Black, Gray, Scrubs. I’ve already worn the Khaki, Gray, and 2 pairs of scrubs this week. So I decided I would wear black pants and a sweater today, because the groundhog lied about spring. I went to bed with a plan.

I woke up this morning, threw my outfit in the dryer to get the wrinkles out (I avoid folding laundry, so everything has some wrinkles). I then finished getting ready for work, came downstairs and put my dryer-warmed clothes on, and had to pick a pair of shoes. Apparently, this is where the plan went awry.

I have 2 pairs of the exact same shoe in both black and brown. Nothing special, just plain Mary Jane flats from Walmart (of all places). There they lay on the floor, side-by-side in a somewhat dark room. I then had a moment of clarity on how I could tell the difference between the black pair and the brown pair in the dark: the black ones have a silver lining, the brown pair has a goldish lining. The linings are more distinguishable in the dark than the actual shoe colors.

Knowing this, I am now astonished that I managed to put the brown pair on and get to work before I realized that I will now go through the entire day with brown shoes and black pants. Maybe I was mesmerized by the lining revelation. Maybe I had somehow forgotten my plan, since the night before, was to wear black pants. Was I not thinking? Did something distract me for a moment? Was the gold lining more attractive than the silver? I have no explanation for this wardrobe faux pas, I’m actually quite puzzled by it. It’s actually bothering me that I did this, considering the moment of debate on which shoes are black and which are brown. I’m annoyed.

Oh well. I’ll just sit here with my feet under my desk.

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